Emergency Safety Tools for people with disability

July 19, 2022

Having an emergency bushfire or flood evacuation plan is something we all need – especially considering the recent bushfires and floods that the South Coast has experienced.

For people living with disability the need is often greater, with carers, support networks and emergency personnel all working together to ensure the safety of individuals living with disability in emergency situations.

In response to support people with a disability to plan, act early and be prepared for an emergency, The Flagstaff Group, is proud to launch EMBER (Emergency Management Backpack Evacuation Resource). The free toolbox not only includes an emergency planning app, checklists, videos and animations, but also an app that is a picture communication board, ideal to help emergency personnel communicate to people who are non-verbal. This App is an excellent inclusion tool for all not for profits to communicate with people who cannot express themselves, great for seniors with stroke or dementia and a free tool for therapists.

The emergency plan can be downloaded and filled out in an App so it’s always on your phone, or downloaded from the website at